St. Michael Academy

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Available Courses

  • Biblical training for those called to be teachers to learn how to understand and teach the Word of God.
  • A course inspired by the lives of St. Peter & St. Paul to demonstrate and teach those called to be Apostles.

  • This course explores the fundamentals of helping others discover Christ.

  • The basic program focus is designed to help any individual utilizing a broader scope of teachings designed to assist those interested in serving The Body of Christ. Also, there emphasis on pastoral duties as they apply to life.

  • In these courses modern day prophetics will be applied to Holy Scripture for the main purpose of edification.


Online free ministry courses for the Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, and Pastor. Please pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit to help you choose which category to pursue. These courses are introductory in nature and we can't tell you which of the 5-Fold Ministry categories you should pursue because only the Holy Spirit can do this for you. We only offer the courses for a personal growth certificate of participation.